May 9th, 2008


OK it's your turn to entertain me.

I recommend Le Metropolitain in Cuba St.

Other than that, I have surprisingly little to say. I think my brain is full. Please entertain me with your scintillating conversation on one of these topics:

What that cross-legged guy in the parking lot was talking to the invisible people about.

Where all the interesting things to photograph went.

Whether the space noises in psytrance should be called warps or waves and why.

Why when pantyhose descend, they take your underwear with them (extra points for scientific evidence).

Anything that starts with K.

I'll be at Fidels tonight, not avoiding the cameras because I'm an attention whore. Also, there might be a chainsaw and I have to SEE! And maybe TOUCH!

[EDIT] I won't be at Fidels after all. I am feeling decidedly unwell and am going home instead.