May 8th, 2008


Wherein I burble incoherently about the DPB and eat a lot of marshmallows

I seem to have developed a study pattern. It goes something like this:

Decide topic. Get a bunch of books and articles and read up on topic. Decide it's all too big and complicated and change topic to easier one. Repeat steps one and two. While reading about second topic, find something relevant about first topic, scrap change, go back to first. Continue this line of thought until one week before essay is due. Despair. Eat a lot of marshmallows. Think some more, bend ears of anyone who will listen. Spend T-7 and counting day printing any random journal article that seems relevant, go to library and get out every book on topic. Look at pile of stuff, scratch head, sigh. Grab one at random, read.

Somewhere in the random book/article will be the key that cuts through all confusion and smacks me in the face with an argument.

Spend next two days frantically writing. Spend two days after that cutting number of words by half.

Hey, it works for me. I just need to stop consuming half a kilo of marshmallows on T-7 and counting day, since I then start talking really fast and subjecting the ever-patient xhile to my latest theory at 300 wpm. He is made of win, by the way.

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This fortnight's rubbish for the Hacienda - one not-full bag of landfill rubbish, 2 bins of recycling (I forgot to put it out last week and we had a party so I'm pretty pleased with this result).

I caved and bought a $20 keyboard from Dick Smith. It's manky but it's not drunk. This is an improvement.

Today I am inordinately happy.
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