May 7th, 2008


Black stuff up the nose.. mmm, attractive!

I dont know if it's all the kerosene smoke I inhaled last night, but today I seem to be having some kind of reaction. It feels for all the world as if I'm on drugs. O.o Well, I guess I am, if caffeine, inhaled kerosene smoke, and OMGMYCAMERAARRIVEDHAPPY counts..

Symptoms - eyes slightly jittery, everything feeling a little bit unreal, a bit shaky, internal happiness and empathy, desire to hug people, short attention span, 'feeling' music.

So, um, what's abnormal about that, Tats? Dunno. It just feels.. different. Hmm. Possibly a little low blood sugar going on too. *goes to check in mirror* OK, pupils not dilated. Odd... oh well.

Also, today my hair gets No Love.

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Last night I pulled my keyboard apart and put it in the airing cupboard wtih toothpicks holding the plastic circuit sheets apart. If that doesn't help, I'll put it through the dishwasher as suggested. After all, as Happy pointed out, I have nothing to lose, right? Right?

And finally, today I'm sending props to xhile and rivet. Just because. We love youuuuuu!
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