May 6th, 2008


This post brought to you by more letters than I intended.

Something got spilled on my keyboard on Saturday night (the hazards of partying), and now I'm having a couple of problems with the letters T, U, Y and I. Whenever I hit any of them, the letter next to them comes up as well.

This would be less of a problem if I didn't have an essay due next week. ;-/

Anyone know a good way of fixing it? I suspect the contacts underneath the keys have somehow got damp and connected to each other. Hmm.

In other news, this morning's WTF was a drag queen walking barefoot, northwards along the cycle lane towards Petone, carrying a pair of pointy-toed size 12 white 6 inch spike heeled boots, wearing a mini dress that she was having to repeatedly pull down to cover herself. She looked very cold and very tired. I found myself imagining how she came to be there.

Also, last night I found Lynda's cellphone, Gadgit's wallet, Mike's hat and Bron's organic coffee. This shall now be known as the Party Of Lost Property. It's our way of making sure people come back, you see. ;-)

*glurg* In a meeting all day today. Please send magic fairies to fix my keyboard. Kthxbye.

PS *kisses to xhile.