May 5th, 2008


Media for the sleepless mind

Last night we blobbed on the couch and watched Forbidden Zone. I found it hard to follow but enjoyable, and I bet the cast had a lot of fun making it. Fun, non-demanding media. Recommended.

I'm currently reading Dragon's Fin Soup, a collection of short stories written by a Thai guy who was educated at Eton. As you can imagine, it's a culture-clash of a book, and an interesting insight into a culture I know nothing about. One thing that's sticking out in my mind is that the Thai attitude to sex seems to be very different from the Western one. There seem to be less emotional strings attached to it. Of course, this could be my misinterpretation of what I'm reading, or the author's own slant, but it certainly seems that way.

Work on my essay continues stiltedly. It's an effort, but I think I have an angle that will work. It's hard to write a critique that still comes to a conclusion. If you're critiquing, it feels as though the conclusion is foregone, and that makes it hard to create an argument. Having said that, feminist perspective on social policy is easier to write about in detail than neoliberal perspective - the neoliberals have this habit of making everything economic, and the social aspect is hard to tease out.

Reminder to self - remember to go to lecture tomorrow. Forgetting you have a lecture is not conducive to knowing stuff come exam time.

Work is somewhat headexplodey today. I'm glad I have psytrance. Yay Bron!