May 4th, 2008



Thank you for coming to my party!

I had a lot of fun, magnetised myself to the dancefloor, on which I saw almost everybody at some point. We also soporifised a large section of partygoers with the hypnotic warmth of Fire TV.

It's been a very long time since I had a party for my birthday, and it felt very special to have so many cool people turn up to help me celebrate, despite the wind that was streaming straight off Antarctica. I swear, one day we'll have a party and it'll be warm and still. *nod*

Helix did a four hour journey set that turned into a bit of a musical history of us. Awwww.. and he brought me flowers too. *blinkblink* When did I get so lucky? Also, there was booty! People gave me stuff. O.o Thanks, people! Bron gave me psytrance! Joel gave me chocolate, as did Polly and David, which I promptly ate and then started talking really fast. Mike turned up dressed as an army chap complete with itchy pants, and presented me with one of his wonderful, quirky and lovely art pieces. Lyric gave me an inspiring and thought-provoking quote. See? I know the best people. I lay on the beanbag in front of the fire this morning at around 4:30 with xhile, and we reflected on how when we met we both had a drive to fill our lives with good people and to make parties for the good people to come and enjoy. It's tremendously satisfying that a year later we're able to do that. I hope everyone feels welcome to come back any time.

Thank you also to my wonderful flatmates khaybee and danjite, who seeded the idea, made a large and tasty chocolate cake with extra chocolate, and are generally just great people to be around. And to tar_miriel, who is just *smooch*.

2 more random thoughts that occurred to me last night: 1 - thank you, Simon, wherever you are, for the pants. I love the pants, they make me happy. 2 - anyone who thinks white people can't get their tribal on, should go to a psy party. Yep. Nuff said.

I am very happy.