May 2nd, 2008


How to enjoy your birthday 101

Get up and run around in a southerly storm getting your photo taken.
Go to work and find balloons hanging over your desk, then draw doodly pictures in a meeting, which one of the industry experts then asks to take home to give to his daughter.
Enjoy lots of happy wishes from wonderful people, and eat a lot of cake.
Collect large parcel from Post Office and wander around town with it (this part may include random compliments from elderly gentlemen and dreadlocked guys on skateboards).
Go home and admire marvellously weird hot pink plant given as gift from nice people.
Go and eat steak*
After steak, spend time digesting while being played good psytrance by personal dj. (Johnny Cash has his own personal Jesus, I'm going one better).
Use your birthday money to buy a new camera for $100 less than retail found anywhere online.
Play finger puppets while not making chicken noises.
Sleep blissfully and dream about pombagira getting her potbelly replaced with a Stanley stove (yes, my dreams are that riveting), and hiding bodies.

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* The Jackson St Carvery and Steakhouse is an older, slightly rundown, cheesy, and perhaps failing (only three couples there last night) restaurant that serves bog standard kiwi tucker and has a smorgasbord on Sundays. It's nothing special and the food is certainly very Kiwiana, but I have a sort of affection for it. They played the "Duets" cd (yep, it had Gwyneth and Huey *cough*), and Elvis, and some random country music, and the waitress was amusing, and we laughed and ate till we couldn't bend, and it was just.. sweet. Not recommended for people looking for high cuisine or fancy food, but great in the cheap and cheerful category. It manages both brilliantly.

Has anyone noticed the billboard for Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Taranaki St? I think it's great.

And, tonight we have a special guest at Fidels, my Mum will be coming for a while to say hi. Come say hi to my Mum! She's awesome.