May 1st, 2008


The luverly xhile

Has donated to my camera fund for my birthday. I'm now in a position to go shopping.

Anyone wanna tell me the best place to get a reasonably priced but fairly decent point-and-shoot digital? I liked my Fuji Finepix but wasn't rapt about how it died the minute it was out of warranty.


I am no longer a prime number. I am now even. I thought I was more odd.

Random Fact O The Day: Apparently Romania has more sheep than New Zealand. You wait till I see Raz, oh boy am I going to give him heaps!

Rhi, the capital of Lithuania is Vilnius, but apparently it was Kaunas for a while. Yes, I had to Google to find that out.

Living in Horokiwi when it's raining torrentially is noisy, and also I'm wondering how long it'll take the council to come and sweep all the little mudslides off the road. In Ngaio they did it the same day, but I'm betting it'll be slightly different in our pseudo-rural paradise. None of the slides were big enough to give us the day off, sadly.

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Andandand, omg Sophie!


Tonight, there will be Steak. Nom nom nom. Also, it's true, I feel much better. I have a result! Even if it wasn't such a good one, I still think it would have helped, because it's a Fruit of My Labour, and shows it is worth turning up to lectures and doing study and boring all my friends stiff with talk of political gobbledygook.