April 30th, 2008


I am developing a theory

If I can't communicate, then damnit I will sit here and theorise and that way I have an excuse for being obtuse and difficult.

So, why are so many people cranky at the moment? Turns out it's not just me, it's a whole bunch of people.

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We have couchsurfers. They are funny. Also, my coffee grinder arrived yesterday, and I ground coffee. I should be able to pick up my espresso machine today, so I'll have a decent morning coffee for my birthday. These small things shall make my life better. Rah!

And in much more positive news

Apparently I win at 100-level essays on topics I knew nothing about before starting to write an essay on them.

A+ motherfuckers!

(that was me being all gangsta and street and stuff, you know, to increase my cred now I'm a brain genius and all)


The bit I like best is that now I know where the benchmark is, and it's lower than I expected it to be. I wouldn't have given me an A+, but they did and I'll take it.

Other good stuff = checking my student email for the first time ever and discovering I've been credited 100 points at first year level for my previous education. What this means is that there are 5 100-level papers I don't have to do, approximately $4500 in fees I don't have to pay, and 18 months' work I can now choose to spend on topics more specialised to my interests.

So, a good day in the nubile academic career of Tats, and just the motivation I needed at a time when self-doubt about my academic ability was peaking.

No coffee machine though. *sad face*

In other news, Polly we have your dead rabbit. You want I should bring it to Fidels on Friday?