April 28th, 2008


If I had a beard, I'd probably mutter into it quite a lot.

I've been feeling more irritable than usual lately, and I'm not sure why. To all intents and purposes, things are going really well. I have a nice place to live, I've been indulging in nesting, my study is going pretty well (at least I think it is - I get the result for my first essay back this week). My lifestyle is more in line with what I'd like, in that I now have many opportunities for the incidental exercise that stops me from being Fidgety Cubed when stuck sitting at a desk all day.

So, why the irritability? Why am I waking up in the mornings feeling cranky, and finding reasons to be mildly annoyed at things I shouldn't?

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In lighter news, I get to be hooping tonight. Hooping makes me happy. And there's a parcel at the post office for me. *squee*

Monthly (or not) check-in - are you enjoying yourself? I am, mostly. But I'd like to find the cause of this underlying crankiness and do something about that. Suggestions welcome.