April 27th, 2008


So, um, about that relaxation support group..

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Also, the sheep seem to think we're in for a storm or an earthquake*. Whichever it is, it would want to be quite spectacular to make up for the unnecessary violence they displayed today. I am Teh Sore.

What did you all do with your three day weekend?

* When a storm's brewing (drop in air pressure?) or in 'earthquake weather' (WTF I dunno how that works but I bet you all know what I mean), the sheep are much more flighty and inclined to have violent and sudden outbursts of flailing. They're in good nick after the summer and are probably around 65kg each - heavier than me. Not for the fun times. But they're done. Phew.

[EDIT] And an earthquake there was. Hmm..