April 24th, 2008


If I were a horse I would not be worth breeding from

To all intents and purposes, if I were a horse, I'd probably be one of those that people bought for a reasonably high price based on build and looks and that ephemeral thing called 'potential.'

I have straight legs, good feet, good teeth, everything's more or less where it should be and I come from a long line of ancestors who've demonstrated an ability to work hard into old age. I'm built for speed and agility, and would probably come under the 'sport horse' category.

I might get passed up by a few people because I'm not a 'good doer' but I have enough muscle to show that when well fed and exercised, I can step up to the mark and perform in any discipline.

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Since tomorrow's a public holiday and some shops will no doubt be banging on the Surly Surcharge, I plan to make today into Friday and be at Fidels after work. Come join me? I promise not to pick up your feet, run my hands down your legs, or look in your mouth, mmk?

(i might ask you to trot up for me though)