April 23rd, 2008


Careful what you wish for..

Yesterday I asked for geek help, and thank you to all the knowledgeable geeks for providing it in spades. Particular thanks to beagl for coming up and Making Our Internets Go Properly (ie relocating the router to the rumpus room so I can plug my pooter into it). Now all we need to do is experiment with the newly mobile router for the best spot to get coverage to the rest of the house, and we're sorted.

Also, thanks to beagl for yet again, not dying from eating my cooking. Last night I cooked for 7 people and there was enough food and nobody died. This is especially important since two of them constitute 2/3 of the only family I have in this country. And I got to see grist for the first time in ages.

Reasons I love my brother No.97 - in response to a comment about those 17 year olds on the internet who think that if you don't believe in war then you shouldn't have ANZAC day off - "I don't believe in God either but I still have Christmas Day off."

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In other news, I have The Happy. Happy Tats is Happy. Compost, a scrubcutter and an espresso machine on the way. What more does a girl need?

Beskirted fringe benefits

A while ago I made a post that turned out to be somewhat controversial. It parodied the Male Privilege List, by taking the things on that list and turning them around, pointing out some of the gender-based privileges that women tend to take for granted.

But I forgot one.

Female Privilege* No 44: I can walk down Courtenay Place in the lunchtime crowds, carrying a large axe, and not be arrested, avoided, or even really looked sideways at. I know this because I just did it.

* This may also be a privilege of living in NZ. I wouldn't like to try it in, say, Port Moresby or New York or Beijing.