April 21st, 2008


Calooh! Callay!

As of this afternoon, we should rejoin the World of the Internets! I'm in two minds about whether or not this is a good thing. But it does mean that we won't get that weird Horokiwi "Hi, you've been randomly cut off, sorry about that but we don't really care" thing that you get with Telecom. I am wondering if wireless works when your LOS is cut off by fog. I guess we'll find out.

Today, I'm wearing my ugly wool stockings. They are Teh Warm! And Teh Ugly! I also have manga hair, and woke up this morning looking like a troll doll.

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Bits of me hurt today, but pombagira is all moved and safely ensconced in a warm and friendly new house. I'm kind of glad the weather stopped the shearing though, or I may have ended up dragging myself around the waterfront by my tongue this morning. Bits that don't hurt include my lips and, oddly, stomach muscles. I think hooping has done something for my core strength.

And, yay for a short week! This means I can catch up on the two shearing jobs I have booked in, and still maybe get a weekend. Rar!

[EDIT] There's a band, looking for a drummer. They are nice people. If you're a drummer looking for a band, you should comment so I can put you in touch.

[EDIT NUMBER TWO] I just realised that Pig is shirtcocking. I am disturbed.