April 17th, 2008


Sheep, tigers, and narcissism, what more could a girl ask for?

The Tats Fashion Department recommends that you don't buy these. The Tats Fashion Department recommends that you buy these instead.

I bought a pair of Levante stay-ups about 8 months ago. I wear them at least once a week. They still stay up, and after 8 months of regular Tats Abuse, they have developed one tiny hole in a place where I caught them on something. "Time for new stockings!" I thought. So, off to the shop (in this case Farmers) where I bought a pair of the Voodoo stay-ups. This morning I put them on and walked to work. I didn't wrestle any tigers on the way, or rescue any small children from burning buildings, or anything remotely heroic, outdoorsy or not-stocking-compatible.

By the time I got to work, my new stockings had developed nineteen count 'em NINETEEN little holes. I can only surmise this was from my legs bending as I walked. Not good, people. In addition, one of them had descended. Admittedly only an inch or so, but for someone who's a bit OCD like me, this is irritating in the extreme. So yeah. Voodoo stay-ups = not recommended. Levante = hell yeah. Stockings for real girls, people.

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In other news, there's a guy down south who is breeding easy care sheep that don't need docking or dagging, and are likely to save farmers $7/sheep/year. Add that up over the average flock of 2000, and yeah, it's worth it. I'm interested in what he's doing because he's doing it the same way I did - by selection and breeding - nothing high tech, simply choosing the best sheep and breeding them. After 10 years he has them breeding true-to-type, and I want in. Because I can see where I can take what he's done and advance it a step further to where they won't need drenching either.

But I don't have any land. *sad face* This just makes me all the more determined.

Anyway, I'll be following that guy's story closely, and living vicariously through him. Hmph.