April 14th, 2008


Where's my kerosene and narwhal blubber, damnit

This morning I got yelled at (along with everyone else that was walking along the waterfront) by a woman who had a bee in her bonnet about some (king? cunt? cone?) who "gets paid TWENTY FIVE MILLION F*CKING DOLLARS A YEAR AND YOUmumblemutterdunnowhatitwasallaboutreally..."

I was tempted to stop and ask her what she was on about, because I couldn't hear and it was obviously bothering her a lot - she was just walking along randomly yelling at people - but I thought better of it. Being yelled at vaguely along with a bunch of other people is disturbing, but being yelled at individually (and perhaps spat on) isn't my ideal way to start Monday. Seeing kimeros and beagl being all stripey and smiley in the sunshine was nice, though.

I hereby label today Difficulty Making Arrangements Day. So far I've tried to organise three things, and none of them are going smoothly. I would like something to be easy now please?

Today I am wearing play clothes cunningly disguised as work clothes with the addition of a pair of stockings. Now I just have to figure out how to cunningly disguise the noise of velcro ripping every time I lift my arms. Also, my clothes smell like sunshine!

And Mum says she is feeling better.

Apparently, it's university holidays. I'm kind of glad this was mentioned in the tutorials, otherwise I would have turned up to my Tuesday lecture and wondered if I'm the only one who still cares. I have also managed to locate a sufficient amount of non-obnoxious feminist articles to give me a picture of what happened and how it happened and how it affected people. So that's nice. I have yet, however, to locate any feminist writing done by men. "Well duh," I hear you say. But I'm curious. Is there any?