April 10th, 2008



For those of you who doubted my ability to find feminist literature that I could read without getting all hot under the collar and "WTF"... I found some. Nyah.

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What's with the fake smile? You know, the smile that isn't a smile, that is just a pulling back of the corners of the mouth without parting the lips? That looks more like a grimace?

I see it a lot on my way to work, and it confuses me, but I kind of get the 'I don't know you but I'm acknowledging you in a fake-friendly, non-aggressive way' thing. It confuses me more when it's between people who know and like each other. I would have thought that these people would go that step further and do a proper, teeth-showing smile. A real smile is much more.. real.

Meh. Confused, and just lost motivation to elucidate. Mum just called, she hasn't been feeling well, the hospital has brought her appointment forward because her liver counts are up. It's tomorrow.