April 8th, 2008


Hedonism has many faces - I like the shiny one

Done, at 2087 words, not counting titles and bibliography. *phew* So I'll hand that in today and forget about essays until tomorrow when I start thinking about the next one. Lalala.

I showed it to three people who all said it'd do. One comment - "There are no original ideas in here - perfect for a first year essay." ;-) I expect it'll get a B. If it got an A I'd be stoked, if it got a C I'd be bummed. Oh well.

I have learned that if the Monte Stello is pulling out as I go past, I'll probably be about 5 minutes late for work.

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And now my burning question is, do I want to carry on with the neoliberal stuff in my next essay (four of the five topics include it), or do I want to try something new? Hmm.. I can see arguments on both sides. But one thing's for sure, I am going to sort out my angle a lot sooner this time. *nod*

Our house is full of flowers! ;-)