April 7th, 2008


Hack and Slash - a treatise on Pain

After Saturday's 'lock myself in the room' approach, I had 4,400 words. They were good words, they made sense with a clear argument, lots of good references and flow. Only, there were too many of them, by 2,400.

Now, 2 days later, I have 2,400 words left. The argument is still there, but it's looking more and more like a school-level essay, and all the nuancey cool stuff is gone, leaving the bare bones and only the major points with no real clarification. And I still have to lose another 400.

I find this somewhat akin to having to cull your ewe flock by over 50% - at some point you get past the ones you -have- to get rid of, and into the marginal ones, and after that you have to start looking at the ones you really like and making choices about which good trait you'd rather keep.

It's easier with words than sheep, but still. NO FAIR!

PS we ended up with 2 extra jackets after Saturday night's party, and Bunny, your shoes came back. Someone had taken them home mistakenly. If you are missing a jacket, let me know.

PPS have a good week. I'm a bit non-commenty due to culling taking priority, but I'll try to keep up reading.

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