April 3rd, 2008


Boats! I has them!

The Rainbow Warrior is docked at Queen's Wharf today. It doesn't matter what you think of Greenpeace and their activities, she is still a beautiful ship.

And of course my camera-no-worky means that I didn't get to take a photo of the sun rising over the masts as I walked along the waterfront this morning. For those of you who aren't familiar with the story of the Rainbow Warrior, this is the second ship with this name. The first was sunk in Auckland in 1985 in what could be considered as one of the few acts of terrorism ever to take place in New Zealand. This act is responsible for much of the New Zealand attitude towards the French - although I suspect if you were to ask your average French person, they'd be embarrassed as hell about it.

Anyway, I'm pretty attached to the Rainbow Warrior. One of the few things I like about Dargaville is that the masts from the first one ended up there, at the Maritime Museum overlooking the town. The new one was built in Yorkshire. I have a copy of A Bonfire in My Mouth by Susi Newborn, and it's an interesting personal account of the early days of Greenpeace and the Rainbow Warrior.

They are giving free tours over the weekend for anyone who's interested. It's about raising awareness of climate change, but even if you aren't into that, she's a beautiful schooner with an interesting history, and I think it'd be worth doing.

In other news, I emailed my rough plan to both my lecturer and my tutor, and they have both said I'm on the right track, which is confidence-building. I'm pretty sure I can bang something together in the week I have left. Rest assured, you won't be getting a blow-by-blow account of every single essay I write, but this is the first for 20 years so it's a big deal to me.

Also, in combination with the mouse party that we're trying to curtail at home, it appears that rats like to dance on people's dressing tables in the middle of the night. Time to call the landlord about an exterminator, I think. There is a point when annoyance turns into a hygiene problem, and rats are not fussy about where they wee. Enough is enough.

My eating habits are changing. This is disturbing.