April 2nd, 2008


In which I wank on incoherently and don't say much at all really

Question of the day for today: Why do makers of margarine put it in unrecyclable plastic containers? Or is that plastic actually recyclable and it's just that NZ doesn't have the technology to do it?

Yes, I know the short answer is 'it's cheaper'. And people buy it in those horrible uncrushable, unrecyclable containers because they want it, and the benefit to them of having margarine on their bread outweighs the benefit to the environment of them going without margarine, or buying a more expensive brand that is packaged in a more environmental way. It's all about fucking economics, isn't it?

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So sometime between now and tonight, I have to decide where I'm going with this, whether to pursue the line I've already started, or to scrap it and start again. Tonight being Library night, at which I actually get to do research and maybe find someone who's an expert who can back my argument. *sigh*

Stupid thing is, I know the stuff. I have learned a phenomenal amount about my topic - I'm just struggling to present this knowledge as a cohesive argument for or against anything. Most people agree that neoliberalism and the free market work for some things but in their pure form, solely economic-based decisions in policy lead to inequality, power in the hands of a few, and all that other stuff we supposedly don't like. So why can't I say that in 2000 words or less?

OK done moaning now. I think this might be my "I'm having a rough day, give me props" post. Yay lj for venting purposes.

*goes to get more coffee*