March 28th, 2008


I'm Bad to the Bone. I'm also a tosser.

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas yesterday to help us get ourselves sorted with Internet That WorksTM. We have a variety of options to look into, and there's a guy coming on Monday to test the signal strength. Last night, we went for a walk as a family (awww!) and discovered we have direct LOS to Matiu-Somes from the lower shed, which is about 10-15m from the house. So I'm thinking a little cabling and we're sussed.

This morning I woke up with George Thorogood bragging in my head about how every woman he meets stays satisfied. Dude, enough with the talking yourself up already. Yes, if I met you I would be satisfied, because your attitude would make me go as far away from you as possible and I'd find that very satisfying.

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Anyway... in OMGWTF news, this:

Kitty wigs

And, my camera has died. I must fix this situation. Know anyone who does reasonable camera repairs, or not worth it? It's a Fuji Finepix 5Mp, about 2 years old.