March 19th, 2008


Pareto = Magneto with a tie?

In mah lernings last night, I came across Pareto-efficiency theory. No, I don't need all you economists to come leaping to explain it to me (and yes, Happy, I also grasped its potential application in game theory) - I get the concept. What I would like is for all you economists to come leaping to explain to me how I can now get the image of bunches of coiffured young men who smell like perfume, are wearing expensive suits, stiff-collared shirts and thin pastel ties, sitting around wanking on about the Pareto-efficiency of various interactions, out of my head.

"Yes yes, she let you buy her a drink, but it's not Pareto-optimal till you've one of her knees either side of your head."


I have less hair. It sticks up, and out, and all over the place. I like it. No, you can't have pics, because the memory card on my camera just died and my financial priority is about moving house this week. Once that's done, there will be pictures. I'm sure it'll still be sticking up next week.

By the way, Paul (my hairdresser) reckons that blue's fine because it fades out to purple on the pink base, but green would be a bad plan because over the pink (which doesn't bleach out - Atomic Pink really is forever), it would look very muddy and fade out to dun.

If you care about what's going on with China and Tibet at the moment, you should probably sign this. If you don't know what's going on over there, some of these links should give you a picture.

And, yay! It's Wednesday! Only, to all intents and purposes it's Thursday. Only one day of work, then four lovely days off. Tonight, after tutorials and essays in the library, I plan to move my clothes. Ooh!

Finally, Sydney is due home today, and I have to hand the sheep back. Just my luck that on last count, two seem to be missing. I am not worried about their welfare, since they have their mouths with them (no bodies in the gullies - i checked), but I am concerned for their whereabouts. I suspect they've joined the neighbours, and normally I'd be able to pick them out of the neighbour's flock, but at the moment they're all in a bush gully paddock and it's hard to see them all together at once to spot the interlopers. I don't like having to hand them over with two missing. I have volunteered to join the search party though..

LJ Content Strike - Starts 1pm Friday for us kiwis

Yerwot? Yeah. I don't normally get involved in internet politics but fuckit, LJ's now ignoring their own newly-created advisory board and trying to sneak changes through without even telling their users, never mind consulting them. Yes, I started with a free account. It was ad-free too. Now I have a paid account, thanks to a kind soul who did something nice for me when I was down. Seems the new owners of LJ think that new users should either pay, or have ads all over their pages. They now have no choice. I don't like the direction it's going in, but I particularly don't like the "We don't care what you think" attitude. And I don't particularly want LJ to fall over because they've pissed enough people off that all my friends leave. I like this site. I just don't like the way it's being run.

elfwreck explains it better than I could here.

So yeah, for once I'm participating in some activism on the internet. Dunno whether I should be pleased with myself or ashamed, but I'm doing it. Fuck them.

Times for other parts of the world here.