March 17th, 2008



I have 800 words. How did that happen?

I suspect I'm going to have to shave a lot of stuff out once I've written what I want to write, to keep it to the limit of 2000 words. I do wonder, though, how I'm going to create a cohesive argument on a complex topic with only 2000 words to do it in.

Maybe this year I'm supposed to learn exactly this. The topic itself isn't that important, simply that I learn to keep my argument to the most relevant bits, and say what I want to say with minimum sidetracking.

In other words, being concise.

See that? That was me practicing. *nods*

Today I am randomly wearing green. This afternoon I shall be carrying boxes down lots of steps. I doubt anyone's going to be inventing a teleport machine in the next few days, so I thought I'd get a head start on moving, and when the truck comes on Saturday that'll be the last load. At least, that's the plan...

Then I guess we get to find out what furniture we don't have, but need. I think we won't be short of bookshelves or beds, but some other stuff of civilisation, like tables and chairs, are likely to be in short supply.

I can't wait to see First's face when she realises she gets to be a country dog again.

(this week's blogging may be a lot about moving. please bear with me, i'm very excited)

PS I went out on Saturday night, and was home by 2am. Golly. There was much backstreet hooping with rivet Twere goodness.