March 14th, 2008


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A fine example of NZ social policy in action.

That, hard on the heels of this NZ labour productivity declines. And the response from the Business Roundtable.

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Gosh. That was long. So, if I can rant at length on my blog, why am I having such a hard time arranging my thoughts into essay format?

(ok ok i need the practice and believe it or not, this format helps me sort my head out. sorry for inflicting my untangling on you)

I'll be at Fidels at about 4:30 as usual. This weekend will be all about the packing. Gosh, this is all happening really fast. One more week and I'll likely be ensconced in the eyrie with crap internet. At which point the above problem with essay writing may become less of a problem.

PS I am not going to turn into a political blog, in case you're worried. But I talk about whatever shite is in my head on any given day, and it's likely that my study will be in my head a bit, and I'll blog about it as I try to braindump and associate all this high-falutin' academic talk with something that's actually happening in my real world. Sorry about that.

Hi I'm Tats

And I think I have an alcohol problem.

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So yeah, I think I have a problem. Anyone able to shed any light, share some thoughts, help me figure out what, if anything, I can do about this?