March 6th, 2008



So the library didn't eat me. And I have books. Strangely, considering my topic, they came from the Economics section and the International Relations section. I have yet to lay eyes on Sociology. This is probably a good thing. However, despite the apparent lack of logic in layout, I think that I'll probably develop a working relationship with the Library. It has a nice view.

Meanwhile, I bought a book from TradeMe. It's called The Great Brain Robbery, and is essentially a book about teenagers and drugs, written from the perspective that drugs are a bad thing, and giving advice to both parents and young people on the hazards of drug use and ways of staying 'clean.'

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Today, my heart goes out to xhile and his family. *much love*

Somebody please stop the large and pompously-arranged words from running through my brain. I need some frivolity catalysts. Please provide them kthxbye..