March 5th, 2008


And I was like Whoah, and they were like Whoah, and it all was like WHOOAH!

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And what's with all the 18 year old proselytising Labour Party members? Where did they come from, and, well... WHY??

In other news, I seem to have left my cellphone at home today, so if you're trying to get hold of me, email is probably the best option.

Tonight, I tackle The Library, with the lovely pombagira, who has offered to hold my hand and defend me from the scary librarian people, and drop biscuit crumbs in case I get lost.

Monthly check-in: Are you enjoying yourself? Please explain. (i am, although this month's enjoyment is largely of the 'wowinterestingchallengingomgcanikeepthisup' variety. and the 'nice boy' variety too *smooches nice boy*)