March 3rd, 2008


Lends new meaning to the word dedication

We win gold at the raver olympics! It is now established that we can set up an outdoor venue in half the time allowed, then take it down when the rain starts to blow in horizontally (putting the electronic equipment at risk which is the only reason we stopped), then move to a new, indoor, warm venue with amenities, and set the whole lot up again. This is because Team WDC rocks hard. Most of us who were there for the setup takedown setup, then proceeded to dance most of the night. Ha. We are well hard. *nod*

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So it probably should have been renamed Rainstruck, but other than that we all had a good time. Rain and the change of venue kept people away so the party was smaller than if it'd been lovely sunshiney weather and outdoors - however, all the decor from an outdoor venue makes for one SHINY lounge! We got home around 4am, and most of yesterday was spent in Sleep mode (which, apparently, is different from Hibernation mode, but I'm not sure how).

In the evening, we ventured out to help richdrich with cleaning up, although ravers tend to be quite tidy people so there wasn't that much to do. This was then followed by a forced picnic in the park. Why forced? Well, we went to One Red Dog, only One Red Dog has an OSH regulation that they aren't allowed to serve people with no shoes on (our shoes were at Rich's drying out), in case they drop a pizza on our foot. I find the concept of someone dropping a pizza on my foot and me being injured by it quite hard to fathom.

However, one of those hot cooked chickens eaten with the fingers, and a salad of fresh fruit while watching the skaters in Waitangi Park more than made up for missing out on pizza. And I was in bed by 9, making up for lost time so to speak.

Today I have the usual brainfuzz and an easy copy/paste job to do. And my payrise should come through in the next fortnight. Whee!

[EDIT] I made an lj rss feed for Tom Cosm's site. It's called tomcosm.