February 29th, 2008


The bit of paper on top of my pile has "KILL MAIM DESTROY" written across the top of it..

Today I am Jungle. Well, as Jungle as you can be when you don't really like drum n bass. DnB makes me want to hit people. But I have the clothes! And we all know it's just about the clothes!

Long floaty camo skirt, black plain top with diagonal chevron patterns made in the weave, stompy boots. And pink and blue hair. ferlengheti, does this mean I have achieved the Pink of Jungle? Or just that I'm White and Nerdy?

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Tonight I have to go fill up troughs, and after that will be coming back in for Fidels. Also, Serendipity will be getting into town around 10, so if anyone wants to do something later or is still around, she'd probably be keen to catch up.

Also, don't forget - Starstruck 2 tomorrow night from sunset onwards. Last year we had a blast, this year should be better still. The weather forecast has improved and while we will make the call tomorrow, you can assume that if it's not actually downpouring or howling a gale, we'll go ahead. Location will be published on the website tomorrow morning (because, you know, asking me won't give you any information at all, nooo...)

I am in a meeting all day again, except for the high-speed round trip to the Uni. My company likes having meetings that go all day. I'm usually good till about 2:30pm when my shitstirring hormone kicks in and after that it's all downhill. Luckily, that's only an hour and a half that they'll have to tolerate me doing bellyslides on the boardroom table.

(my Jungle skirt will be good for bellyslides, I can tell)