February 28th, 2008


So about that learnin thing..

My little wooly patient is still alive! Last night Polly and I went up there and got all the ewe hoggets in, cleaned up their bums and decorated them with a pretty blue stripe that renders them repulsive to flies for six weeks. I may also have decorated my trouser leg. This stuff is Evil, in that it's designed to kill any insects it comes into contact with, stick on through rainstorms, and give off a miasma that stops flies even landing on the sheep. I only use it when it's warranted, because it's Nasty Chemical Stuff of Extreme Stickiness. And it's on my trouser leg. I hope it comes off in the wash.

Anyway, the sick sheep is looking much better. The wound itself, while still ugly, has dried up and isn't weeping at all. The hole, I think, will always be there, but because it's a large hole, anything that comes up will drain out. The affected skin is dried and scabbing over, there were no live maggots and the swelling around it has reduced quite a lot. Most importantly, her demeanour has changed. Her ears have gone from that telltale 'half-mast' position to being fully pricked again, and when we moved them to their new paddock, she started NOM NOM NOMing ravenously, so it was more like NOMNOMNOMNOMSWALLOWNOMNOMSWALLOWNOM (you get the picture).

I think she'll be ok. Her sex life (if she gets one) might be a bit weird, but she'll live. The ability of sheep to heal, from things that would lay a person out for a month, never ceases to amaze me.

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Also yay for folks appearing out of the darkness, handing me tubes of Turbo Powered Tinea Cream and running away again. That particular nastiness is showing marked improvement already. Thank you.

There will be no War and Peace today, I've already written enough to send everyone to sleep entertain folks for one day. And I still have to get my head around the naming conventions on this database, which are anything but conventional. All the stuff is in there, but you have to know what it's called before you can find it. And, while the database itself operates on logic, whoever made up the names for things clearly does not. Wish me luck.

Anyone who's read the titles in their spam should get this

So I'm currently writing about concrete production. For those who don't know, the stuff that goes into concrete that isn't water or cement is called aggregate.

As it turns out, one of the things that dispatchers at concrete batching plants have to ask about when taking orders is aggregate size.

I'm wondering if forwarding all my 'increase your aggregate size' spams to the Concrete National Advisory Group would be a good idea. They might learn something...