February 19th, 2008


Gravel rash ftw!

This morning I canned out in front of a bunch of people. There's a wee alley at the bottom of Ngaio Gorge that I have to cross, and usually I slow right down for it in case something comes out while I'm crossing. Today, the traffic was backed up, blocking it, and so I could skate over without slowing down. ZOOM! Off the kerb! Across the road! Step back up onto the kerb! Going way too fast! So I landed on my ass in public. And you know what? I didn't die of embarrassment. *picks gravel out of palms and ass* However, I think I'll slow down for that road as a matter of course now. Test method = fail.

Also, there was a guy playing Talamasca in his car. This made me happy all the way to work. ;-)

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Last night was Juno, which I thoroughly recommend as a feelgood movie with some hilarious one-liners in it. There was also Burger King. I'm in two minds about Burger King - it's not really value for money, and the step up from McDonalds is probably more psychological than real. I haven't had it for over a year. But I do like their fake-icecream shakes, and the patties at least have the texture of meat. I'm pretty sure the tomato was real too.

My uncle and auntie arrived from Australia yesterday. I haven't seen them for 22 years (since I was 15, for those who care about such things). To be honest, I wouldn't know them if I fell over them. Apparently my auntie looks like Mum. We're going for dinner with them on Saturday, and will probably spend some time hanging out during the week. It's... weird.. having relatives. I'm so used to my family being immediate family only, and there only being four of us, that including relative strangers who share the same blood is going to be a new experience for me. When I was 15 doesn't count, since I was your typical off-in-my-own-world teenager at the time, and barely remember it.

How does one go about bonding with one's brand new blood relatives?