February 18th, 2008



I have noticed that as the weather gets colder (it really does seem like the season turned while we were all away at Kiwiburn), my desire to skate to work has reduced. But I'm still doing it when it's not wet underfoot. When it's really cold but dry and frosty, can someone please remind me how much I enjoy my morning skate?

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I think I may have to bite the bullet and admit that I have tinea. I have no idea how I got it, as I don't frequent swimming pools or walk around barefoot much, but when I was applying cream at 1:30am this morning because the itching had woken me up, I realised that denial is not doing me any good. I've been using Daktarin on it for nearly two weeks, twice daily, but it doesn't seem to be reducing it any. I'm very aware that winter's coming, complete with boot wearing and stocking wearing and not much chance to 'air things out'. So, can someone please recommend a good, fast working treatment for this? I've never had any kind of fungal infection in my life, and this is ooking me out. And anything that wakes me up at 1:30am on a regular basis should die painfully and fast.

Please to be sending good thoughts to pombagira, who is in a job interview right now.