February 15th, 2008


In which there are more words than you can shake a brazil nut at

Last night I discovered New Food. Brazil nuts cooked in pulled pork juice, nestled on a bed of olives. [/wank]. Courtesy of Southern Cross, rivet, indecision, Matt the Pom, and no cutlery. You should try it. *nod*

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Speaking of ficlets, thank you snottygrrl for ensuring that my dreams last night were full of Harry/Draco slash. Now, normally I'm not a slashy kind of girl, but last night I most definitely was. Nuff said.

Finally (yes, I can hear you sighing with relief), Matt the Pom (not to be confused with Matt the Scouse) will be joining us at Fidels tonight. He may not make it back to NZ for a while, since he's off adventuring in a hot pink fun fur covered Reliant, amongst other things, over the next year or two. So, if you met him at KB and remember him (yellow mohawk, fun fur suit, London accent), or even if you don't, come down and say hi. He's damn good value.