February 13th, 2008


One of these things is not like the other ones (brought to you by the letter S)

Last night I enjoyed a lovely dinner with rivet and pombagira at Capitol. We each ordered something different, then shared it around, so I had steak, chicken and butterfish. Mmmm, butterfish.. We also shared a squishy chocolate puddingy thing for dessert. I could make a habit of dining like that regularly with these two.

I think it shows how far I've come that despite spending $30 on steak, I didn't feel ripped off that it wasn't the size of my head. I finished the meal feeling replete but not stuffed, and the small portions allowed me to enjoy the flavours without having to force down that last mouthful. Three years ago it would have been very different. Also, for a period of around 7 years between leaving Dargaville and coming to live in Wellington, I had no girlfriends. It brings me joy that my life is now filled with female company as well as male, and that I can enjoy intimate girly get-togethers. Thank you, ladies, for enriching my life.

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OK, enough with the sheep bombardment. If you'd like a letter, please comment. I'd love to find out what you love.

PS homagenz actually liked a movie that I liked. Time to celebrate!

Calling all Wellington Burners!

I just had a text from Dougal (whose knee is fine now), asking if anyone can provide couch/floor space for Matt the Pom (of mohawk and neon furry suit fame) for tonight, as his plans have fallen through.

If you can, please comment with contact phone so I can pass it on. Comments are screened, so don't be shy. ;-)

[EDIT] Sorted. I love Wellington burners!

[ANOTHER EDIT] I've unscreened comments and made this public because there's no need for personal details, and would like to add a NEWSFLASH!

Serendipity will be in town first weekend of March! Yes, this coincides beautifully with the Dance Collective/Pink Moa decom party (to be held outdoors in a secret location). Tell your friends! Let's give her a stonking good time so maybe we get to keep her!