February 11th, 2008


Of sheep and persian carpets

I know it's probably Bad or something, but I quite like the slight tan I got at Kiwiburn. I'm not talking cancer-purple like Frenchie got, it's more like the kind of slight colouring you get from spending a week in the sun, slathered in SPF30+ sunscreen. Some gets through anyway, I think I got a mild burn on the last day (not enough to peel), and the result is a couple of shades more golden than my usual sallow pasty-white, and I think I look more healthy because of it.

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One thing that jumps out as obvious is that it's time for some clothes spending. Conveniently, I get paid on Friday. I'm thinking of heading out to Porirua to SaveMart Saturday afternoon to do some treasure trove digging. Anyone wanna come with?

PS I got sheep yesterday. They were wet and bedraggled and somewhat confused by this wet stuff falling out of the sky - some of them have only experienced it once or twice in their lives. They were also just what the doctor ordered. I get to pretend they're mine till mid-March. I plan to make the most of it.