January 24th, 2008


Mad skillz0rz! Seriously.

This morning's tally:

Car doors opened in front of me: 2
Cars backing out of driveways in front of me: 2
Cars pulling into driveways and cutting me off, forcing evasive action: 3
Toots from guys in courier vans: 3
Pedestrians changing direction suddenly: 1
Cyclists cussing at me: 1
Cyclists cussing generally: 3

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In other news, the world shearing record has been broken for the first time since 1999. The guy shore 560 ewes in 8 hours. As a comparison, back in 1997, I was part of an attempt at 501 in 9 hours. I find it almost inconceivable how fast these guys can shear, while retaining quality. The cut sheep (one) was removed from the tally. That's 51.43 seconds/sheep, without cutting them. *bows to these guys' skills*

I have 13 sheep to shear on Saturday. I wonder if there's a record for the least sheep shorn in 8 hours?

Finally, new pooter total = $377. Not up on the spec, but better than my last one. Reasons I love my brother number 798.