January 22nd, 2008


In keeping with the weeding theme

I've done a friends list cleanup. Mostly people who never post and never comment, and only people I don't know in person. The odd person whose posts are always negative, and I find myself having to censor myself to refrain from commenting with something that would be bad for interpersonal relations. Who am I to judge what other people should write on their journal? Nobody, it's their journal - but in turn, I do get to decide what I read. So in the interests of my own peace of mind, keeping this stuff off my friends page works.

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Yesterday I ate a pomegranate for the first time. It was, as rivet so aptly said, "Like eating rubies."

ETA on new pooter - by this weekend. I am growing weary of clicking then waiting several seconds for a response.

Further to this morning's post

One of the unexpected bonuses of cutting up my credit card was the opportunity to cash in my Hotpoints. I ended up with a bunch of Farmers vouchers.

*yawn* I hear you say. Farmers? Meh.

However, Farmers has FRAGRANCE! All my life I've chosen to use fragrance rather than scented deodorants and whatnot, and I recently ran out. The last period of my life has been underlined with Relaxing Fragrance by Shiseido. Time for something new..

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PS it's getting windy. I wonder how many tiles we'll lose this time.

[EDIT] Wow! Thank you! *goes all mushy* You know who you are...