January 16th, 2008


I want doesn't get

Yesterday I had coffee with a very good friend, and we were talking about emotional attachment. Not the romantic variety, but the kind where you are emotionally attached to the outcome of a situation.

So, um, what is emotional attachment? Well, I think it's the thing that affects your emotional balance, and possibly your judgement, in pursuit of a goal. And when, if the outcome is that you don't get what you want, it is likely to upset you a lot. I guess obsessing over things you want would be a sign that you're emotionally attached to the outcome.

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While I'm at it, I need some fishing net. I'm putting it out there, after having lost an auction on TradeMe this morning. I only need about 5m x 5m and the mesh can be quite large. I'll keep surfing TradeMe, and check out the Warehouse too because it will probably never actually touch a fish, and the going rate for good ones is about $100 too much for me. And if anyone who reads this happens to know someone who has one in their shed that they don't want, or are prepared to loan to a careful artist for a week (it's going over the top of my art to stop the stuff inside blowing away), then please let me know.

Also, I blame ferrouswheel for this lovely weather. I am hoping that the clouds were able to find Whakamaru ok, because they were sure going fast when they went over here.