January 12th, 2008


I was a dweeb

Back in the 80s when Transformers were a big deal, and I had no real interest in seeing the movie. But Tommy insisted, saying "Mum, you'll love it! It's wall to wall cheese!"

So I did, last night. And he was right. It was lots of fun.

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Today has been all about climbing trees and chopping down branches. I can now see more than leaves out my bedroom window, and there's sun on the back of the house. I figured out why my room leaks - there are two tiles out of place just above my window, and there's a gap. Unfortunately, while I could see it from the tree I was in, I couldn't reach it. And because of the 20 foot drop onto steep concrete stairs below, I think it's a job for the professionals.

My vote goes for a new, tile free roof. They seem to move a lot, and then the house leaks. I don't like drips from the ceiling.

Also, one of my fake horses won a fake race. I made a fake $150,000. Progress!