January 9th, 2008



Last night we went to see The Golden Compass. I had been told that it had anti-religious subtext and a fiesty heroine and lots of CGI, and that's about all I knew about it.

Now for potential spoilers:

Collapse )

So, for those of you who might have a clue or an interest - what, pray tell, is the point of steampunk? Does it have one? Or is it just the latest "Hey that sounds like a cool word and it's fun to play dressups so yeah, I'm in" inane fashion trend?

OK, Golden Compass game time. Last night we decided that if grist had a daemon, it'd be a small brown stripey dog. If you had one, what would it be? Or, if you like, pick someone else and tell me what theirs would be.

Also, it can stop raining now if it likes. *nod*