January 1st, 2008


Start the year as you intend to continue

*points up* That's the only New Year resolution I'm going to make. And I did. And it was good. And I got up at 1:30 and am still in my jammies, because jammies are the new black trackies.

Mostly it involved bringing in the New Year surrounded by happy, friendly people, both friends and strangers, with dancing and revelry and some talking to strangers. And pizza. And the fibreoptic hair was a hit. ;-)

Yes, the club manager brought us pizza. How cool is that?

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Anyway, now we have the "Hey nothing I post for the rest of the year is going to look as dorky as that" post out of the way...

Last night I discovered just how easy it is for a dj to kill a party. This guy came on at 2am and he wound the music down to around 120 bpm, and much of it was unrecognisable as dance music. He cleared first the dance floor, then the venue. I saw four people, other than me and the bar manager, approach him and ask him to pick up the pace, and he was nice and friendly and agreed - and changed nothing.

In his defence, he ended up playing way longer than he was booked for, because 2 other djs failed to show (WTF?) - and maybe he ran out of records. But, 2 1/2 hours of .. um.. indescribably undanceable music effectively chased 300 people away.

Those of us who were left staged a coup. We found the bar manager (who was working hard at not crying by this point), said "Hey, we have a dj with us, he has his records, we have to get this guy off." Said bar manager was a happier boy after that. WDC to the rescue! *plays heroic music*

So, richdrich (rave kilt, wonk-eyed el wire smiley and all) got up and managed to revive the dancefloor - at least as much as you can when the critical mass has been chased away. I take my hat off to Rich, that's no mean feat and he did well, ending up playing until the morning shift dj showed up.

I rocked into bed at about 7:30am. The first dawn of the year was beautiful, watched with rivet - and it's turned into a brilliant, sunny day full of promise and warmth.

Start the new year as you intend to continue. Yeah.

PS Tommy saw in his first new year ever too. He made it to midnight. Milestones!

And, horse riding tomorrow is looking like a goer weatherwise. Is everyone sorted for rides? Bring sunscreen! [/mum]