December 28th, 2007



So, thanks to Christmas and associated carry-ons, I now have the entire Live anthology. Shut up, it makes me happy. Also, tonight I will be sleeping on 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. *luxuriates*

The car saga continues. This morning it was in the shop by 9am to get the final bits done. At 2pm I went back, after having many coffees and taking some photos:

Collapse )

So anyway, turns out the parts people had sent the wrong part and it didn't fit. When I went back they were trying to find out what had happened to the right part that should have been there by 12:30. They said they'd call me in 45 minutes to tell me whether it was worth waiting or whether it would be Saturday. An hour later they hadn't called. By now we'd been in town 6 hours, mostly just hanging around (thanks to pombagira and pagurus for entertaining us), so I hopped on a bus home. They called me on the way to say it'd be ready in half an hour, to which I replied "Tomorrow, and please register it today for me kthxbye."

You know, I'm really happy to have it finally finished. But part of me knows I'm going to be horrified at the size of the bill. I know I should question it, especially given that this was supposed to have been finished on Monday and I still don't have my car. The other part of me doesn't want to have to be that person again. *sigh* Do I just suck it up this time and never go back, or do I have that discussion that I may come away from with a cheaper bill and a sour taste in my mouth?