December 26th, 2007



You were creating a website that people were required to register to, and someone reported to you that they had had trouble with the form in that it would not accept their gmail address as valid, and they had had to use another address in order to complete registration, would you:

1) Think about what may cause a specific email to get rejected, have a look at your software and see if it's a legitimate problem?

2. Have a talk to 'the makers of PHP' to see if there've been similar problems for other people?

3. Send a snarky email to the user telling them that clearly they've entered their email incorrectly (four times in a row), and that if they have a problem they should talk to 'the makers of PHP' themselves?

(I would like to think that most people would consider 1 or 2 before trying 3, but not being a creator of websites or an expert on PHP myself, I am wondering if 3 is the normal course of action when faced with the 'my gmail account got rejected' problem. I know it happens a bit, because it's happened to me before. This is the first time I've been told I'm stupid because the site didnt accept my addy.)