December 24th, 2007



I found this. Now I am lost.. LOST I TELL YOU!

(wtf interest could a realtime virtual horse breeding game possibly have, you ask? FIIK, but it's like crack. don't go there if you know what's good for you)

Also, I reinstated my WoW in anticipation of Tommy's arrival. And sat around in town for 5 hours waiting for my car to pop out with a brand spanking new WOF. It didn't.

However, the 4 countem 4 new things they found wrong with it in order to fail it, in the 2 months since last time it was checked, has been reduced to 2 thanks to me insisting on talking to the foreman of the shop, having him show me exactly what the problem is, and questioning the subjectivity of their assessment. Yes, I am the customer all mechanics hate.

"Yes, ok, so the sun visor doesn't go right up to the top. It's been like that since I bought it, off you. In the 3 1/2 years I've had it, it's passed 6, yes 6 warrants with it like that, why is it suddenly a problem now? Oh, you'll fix that for free? Cheers."

Etc. *sigh* I would like not to be that person, but I've been suspicious of sudden problems with my car since I had a water pump 'replaced' on my Datsun Cherry, 15 years ago now, and when they said "$90 for the new part thanks!" I looked under the bonnet and noticed that not only had they not put in a new pump, they hadn't even undone the hose clips to take out the old one and clean it. They'd put a flush through it and were trying to charge me $90 for that, while lying about what they'd done. They were trying to rip me off, in other words, relying on me not checking or knowing what I was looking for. It could be because I'm a woman. It could be because they tried that on everybody. But now, if I take my car in for work and additional work gets unexpectedly added, I want to be shown the problem, close up and in detail, by the foreman of the shop.

That probably makes me an asshole customer. Bite me.

In fact my car can bite me too, because in the last 2 months it really has developed $300 worth of silly wear and tear problems.

But hey, if I get pulled up for no warrant on Christmas Day, by the time I finish telling the story of how it came to be that way, the cops will be tired of the sound of my voice and let me go for the sake of peace. *nod*

Always an upside, right?