December 22nd, 2007


So, um, how are you celebrating the solstice?

Today is summer solstice. Yep, longest day, shortest night. From here, the days start to get shorter again, but you don't really start to feel it until just before the equinox, so we won't worry about that for the time being, mmk?

Some of my pagan friends have gone to a ritual today to celebrate this fairly important marker in the wheel of the year. Now, I may have a pagan leaning or two myself. So I read the forums, and every quarter you get the question asked somewhere - "What are you doing to celebrate the solstice/equinox?" This year is no exception.

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I'm going to try and organise the horse riding soiree for the 2nd of January. We have one party member who can only make it on statutory holidays. Can I please have a show of hands to tell me who's available on this day, and I'll make the booking as soon as I know numbers. Also, if you're coming, can you please give me an indication of skill level so I can tell our host and he can organise the appropriate horse for your level?