December 21st, 2007


Doing a scrollback

I see that pretty much everyone felt the earthquake. But I'd just like to say that I WIN AT EARTHQUAKES!

Why, Tats? Why do you win at earthquakes?

Because I bet I was the only one (apart from xhile) who was sitting in a room with a seismologist when it happened. Nyah!

(hey, you have to take it where you get it, right?)

So anyway, thus followed lots of information on how to tell how far away an earthquake is by the gap between the P and S waves, and how big it is based on how long it goes for, and all sorts of other interesting earthquakey stuff, and some texts confirming stats about that particular one.

The only problem with the science of earthquakes, is that a 6.5 earthquake 400km away and 40km down feels very similar to a 3.5 earthquake 15km down and right underneath you. Because with the little one, the P and S are so close together (because it's close) it feels like one shake, and it's short because it's little. With the big deep far away one, the P waves get to you, but the S ones have petered out to virtually nothing by the time they get there and you don't feel them. And it's short because you're only getting half the deal.

GeoNet is the friend of seismologists and laypeople alike, it seems. And thanks to the IRC geeks who clogged the pipe so we had to wait for the info. ;-)

Also this movie is utter bollocks. An earthquake of 10.5 equates to a fault that circumnavigates the globe - not just the West Coast of the US. And, according to the boffins, 11.5 equates to an asteroid hitting the earth and blowing it to pieces. I think there may be a certain amount of exponentiality in the Richter Scale, hmm?

Last day! *cited* Except I won't really feel like I'm on holiday until I've done the sheep tomorrow - 30 lambs, 15 ewes and a bunch of crutching. This is how you appreciate your holidays - start by sweating your ass off, everything else feels like holiday by comparision..

I'll be at Fidels from around 4:30. Come say hi!