December 20th, 2007


Wherein Tats indulges herself at everyone else's expense

Yesterday I bent poor Happy's ear about horses (he was very obliging if a little bemused). It made me realise that there isn't really anyone in my life right now that I can 'talk horse' with. Which is a shame, because horses are good for the soul. I feel the need to fix this gap.

Anyway, what started it was this: Short video (20sec) of a Horse Pull competition. Not the most exciting sport ever, but I'm impressed with the sheer power of these animals, and the way the work has developed their muscling. A bit of research told me these horses are Belgians, and that most horse-pull horses actually work at things like logging, in places where machinery can't get. I am kind of wondering where machinery can't get, given some of the places they plant trees in New Zealand.

Anyway, that led me to spending an evening at home, surfing the net (For All Your Horsey Needs!) for information about draught horses. And now, I'm going to inflict that on you. Nyah. I will share the horse love!

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And for something completely unrelated, an example of how people on the internet know everything. SaveageLove at its finest, where people try to tell the author what advice he should have given to someone whose wife has 'let herself go' to the point where he doesn't find her attractive any more.

Only a day and a bit to go! But who's counting?

Also, note to self: must stop making people's brains explode. Mmm, yummy brains nom nom nom..