December 18th, 2007


Everythingus repairus?

I seem to be suffering from breakage syndrome this week. Nothing major, and nothing really unexpected or disastrous, just little things. On Friday the hem of my purple dress came down. Now I have to sew it back up. Also on Friday, one of the spines on my fire hoop snapped as I was folding it up to go home. I figure if that one snapped, the others are getting ready to as well (getting heated then cooled repeatedly will make mild steel wire brittle, I know this), so I'm going to have to spend some time replacing them all.

Yesterday, one of the ratchet straps on my right skate broke. It snapped at the catch end, which means that the top ankle strap on that skate is now useless, and I'm not sure I can fix that. I may just have to get used to skating with my ankles unsupported. *meep* And my boots! My favourite boots! The black ones with the silver buckles down the outside of the leg, that I got free in a sale with a pair of $20 sneakers! The lining is coming away in both of them, and the upper is coming away from the sole as well. "Get them fixed!" I hear you say. Unfortunately, they are coming apart because the el cheapo vinyl they are made of is worn through. There is no fixing these. It's time to start keeping my eyes open for a replacement pair.


No more breakages please mmk?

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Someone linked me to this yesterday. Some of you have probably seen it already, but I hadn't so I thought I'd share it. The top ten videos to change the way you think. I thoroughly recommend the Daniel Gilbert one. It's not wanky 'stare at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you're awesome' stuff either. It's a simple explanation of some experiments with some rather astounding outcomes, in relation to happiness. Nothing new, but put in a way that hits home much more clearly to those of us who are a little geek-minded. It's 21 minutes long.

Tonight, I get vids from Friday. Wheee!