December 17th, 2007


I can't forget, but I can't remember

Last night we watched Battle of the Ken Dolls Universal Soldier. I'm generally not big on action movies, but I enjoyed it, what with the brain-no-worky thing that was going on for me yesterday. I found myself impressed with Jean-Claude van Damme's ability to convey/communicate without saying anything or even really moving his face. He has posture and eye communication down to a fine art. He'd do well in a burka, I reckon. Also, it made me laugh out loud more than once. And why does Dolph Lundgren always play insane people?

As a result of the movie, my dreams last night were full of violent psychopaths, people being killed, blood and gore. And when my alarm went off, I sat up, turned the light on, got ready to get up, and promptly fell asleep again, since the psycho had to be reined in and the dream finished. Clearly that was more important than being at work on time. *meep*

Thus followed a frantic skate to work on my jelly-like legs. They have that feeling in them that if anything were to go wrong while skating (swerving pedestrians, potholes, suddenly turning cars etc), I haven't the strength in them to save myself. Luckily the world was geared to give me an easy time this morning, with the added bonus of a good strong tail wind, and I made it alive. Not sure if I'll be up for skating home though, unless the wind turns around.

I find it interesting that in my waking-up state when I'm remembering my dreams from the night, I can also remember other dreams from months ago. Oddly though, while I can still remember last night's dream very clearly, the one I was thinking about while sipping my morning coffee, one that was old but so very clear, has completely gone now. All I have left is an impression of dry summer grass, no details. I wonder if the 'subconscious' (as a concept) is more accessible in the just-woken-up state, and if it's like a hard drive that has every dream I ever had stored in there, but I can only get at it when not operating at full conscious capacity.

In other news, I am very much looking forward to having a holiday. I like my job, but it's time for some rest/recovery/recuperation and full enjoyment of the warmth that seems to have descended on Wellington for a change. And some sleep ins.

There's a sign just down the road advertising 'Bikini Girl Car Washes' on Fridays between 3 and 7pm. O.o I am... lost for words.