December 16th, 2007



OK, so I now rate Steve Hill. I'm not big on hard trance in general, but he managed to make it interesting, and he was clearly enjoying himself, as was everyone else. First time I've seen a dj sitting in a chair to mix though. *raises eyebrows*

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Today, I was awoken to pancakes, followed by pombagira's couch and bad TV, George of the Jungle in cartoon form no less, which was about as much as my poor fried wee brain could cope with today. Peanut-eating zombie elephants that spread the zombie virus by stabbing each other in the ass with large horns that sprout randomly from their heads FTW! Tell me there's nothing homoerotic about that, hmm?

It's been a good weekend - starting with fire dancing Friday, more dancing, sausages and chainsaws and Mum yesterday, xhile, his lovely sister, some pancakes, some blobbing...

Next weekend I'm shearing lambs. Just for something different like. Anyone want to volunteer to do it for me?